Saturday, 1 December 2007

Lace scarf 2

I love this pattern!!
I don't know why this is my lovely scarf.

Double knitting yarn.
knitting neddle 5mm.
Cast on 38 sts
Row 1= knit to end.
Row 2= pulr to end.
Row 3= k1 (k2tog)3 times, (yo, knit)6 times, (k2tog)6 times, (yo, knit)6 times, (k2tog)3 time, k1
Row 4= knit t0 end.
Rep these 4 rows until piece measures 145 cm from beg, Bind off.

I love knitting.

Easy scarf

Hello sister.
Another easy knit scarf for Gary and he love it I think you love it too.
I used double knitting yarn
Grey 2 balls
White 1 ball

and held together knit the same time
knitting needle 5 mm.
Cast on 29 sts
knit 1 row
and follow this pattern

Row1 = k2,*p1,k1 rep from * to last 2 sts , k2
Row 2 = p2,*k1,p1 rep from * to last 2 sts, p2
Rep 2 rows until measures 145 cm. from beg. Bind off all sts.

Fringe: Cut 3 strands each colour. Put strands tog and fold in half. Using crochet hook, draw center of strands through 1st st on cast-on edge of scarf forming a loop. Pull the ends of fringe through this loop.

Miss you my sister

This scarf pattern from

Hello my sister
How are you? I'm a little bit lazy to upload my blog!! and busy too.
Last week help mum in her house.
Please take care.