Sunday, 24 June 2007

Red Bonnet

I remember frist time knitting. I can't understand pattern have to ask lady in shop.My husband took me there and help me to translate and I search for knittinghelp and found website very help full.

and this is my frist job!! and I gave for my friend's son

Red Bonnet knitting

cms- centimetres
rem- remain
sts- stitches
st st - stocking stitch(1 row k, 1 row p)
tog- together
yf-yarn forward

To Fit
0-6 months (6-12 months , 1-2 years)
DK - Double KnittingRed BonnetUsing 4mm needles

cast on 65 (75-87)sts
1st row: K1,*p1,k1; rep from * to end.
2nd row: P1, *k1,p1; rep from * to end.Rep the last 2 rows until rib measures 6 cms, ending with the 2nd row.Work 2 rows in st st.(1 row k, 1 row p)

Commence Heart Motifs
1st row: K8(7-7), p1, *k11,p; rep from * to last 8(7-7)sts, k8(7-7)
2nd row: P7(6-6), k1, p1,k1 *p9, k1, p1 ,k1; rep from * to last 7(6-6)sts, p7(6-6).
3rd row: K6(5-5), p1, [k1, p1]twice, *k7, p1,[k1, p1]twice; rep from * to last 6(5-5)sts, k6(5-5)4th row: P5(4-4), k1, [p1, k1]3 times, * p5, k1 [p1, k1]3 times; rep from * to last 5(4-4)sts, p5(4-4)
5th row: As 3rd row.
6th row: As 4th row.
7th row: K4(3-3), p1,[k1,p1]4 times *k3, p1 [k1, p1]4 times; rep from * to last 4(3-3)sts, k4(3-3).
8th row: As 4th row.
9th row: As 7th row.
10 th row: As 4th row.
11th row: K4(3-3), p1, k1 p1, * k3,p1 k1 p1; rep from * to last 4(3-3)sts, k4(3-3)
12th row: P4(3-3), k1, p7, k1, *p3, k1,p7, k1; rep from * to last 4(3-3)sts, p4(3-3).work 2 rows in st st.

Commence Stripe Patt
1st row: K1, *p1,k1; rep from * to end.Rep this row twice more.
Starting with a purl row, work 5 rows in st st.
These 8 rows form stripe patt.Work 2(6-10) more rows in stripe patt.
Shape Back.
Keeping stripes correct throughout, cast off 7(8-10) sts at beg of next 4 rows, then 7(9-9)sts at beg of foll 2 rows straight. Dec 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th(8th-10th) row until 17(19-23)sts rem. Work 5(5-7) rows straight, thus ending with a wrong side row. Slip sts onto a holder.

Finishing and Neckband.
Sew cast off sts at back shaping to side edge of back section. Fold lower half of ribbing to right side for brim and catch down at side edges.
Neckband and Strap: With right side facing and 3 1/4 mm. needles, pick up and k25(27-31) sts evenly along lower edge of left side (workin through double thickness of ribbing), k17(19-23)sts on holder at back decreasing 4 sts evenly along lower edge of right side(working through double thickness of ribbing), turn and cast on 16(20-24)sts. 79(89-105)sts.Starting with 2nd row, work 3 rows in rib as given for brim.Next row (buttonhole):Rib to last 4 sts, yf, k2tog, p1,k1.Work 3 more rows in rib. Cast off in rib.Sew button to other end of neckband.