Thursday, 12 July 2007

Cropped Raglan Sweater

The end!!
I very happy finished Sweater!! and not take long time.

I finished Sweater from Lion Brand
I very very love it!! It's not the same original pattern because I used DK yarn.
I like big size too.
You can follow this link.
Cropped Raglan Sweater

Lion Brand® Lion Organic Cotton Pattern Number: 70111


Namwan said...

P'Baam..your cardigan is much more prettier than mine (I did the same one as hers!). But it's my first one and hopefully my next one will be better. Thanks for all your help :)

baam said...

Hi nong Namwan.Thank you for comment.You're very good learner and pick up quickly keep going - keep knitting!!

Talk you soon ^__^

Tum ka said...

Hi P'Baam.How are you?
Miss you na ka.

Tina said...

Hello Baam. You make beautiful things. You are a creative superstar!

baam said...

Hello my sister!!
How are you? I miss you.
I like knitting and want to knit for you.
What do you want for winter this year?

baam said...

Forget to tell you tomorrow I going to womad festival I will take photo and sent to you.
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I hope WOMAD was fun.
I just noticed the white handbag at the bottom of the page. It's beautiful!
David says for winter he would like the strawberry cake. ;-)

Tina said...

Sorry, the last comment was from me. I clicked anonymous by mistake.

baam said...

Hi sister
Womad not fun because rain and mud.
I'll send you e-mail.
I hope one day can make cake for both of you!!

Tina said...

I'm sorry your time at WOMAD was wet. Maybe it will be better next year.
I look forward to reading your email.
Miss you. :-(